Marketing By Tech For Tech

Marketing technology is hard. Done right, it unites product, sales, and marketing teams around a simple message. CD Tech Marketing brings decades of experience in software engineering, sales, and marketing together to find the perfect message, develop the right content, and build a marketing strategy that delivers sales – not just leads.

How we help


Develop and unite personas, competitive analysis, industry analysis and product capabilities for targeted messaging.

Marketing Strategy

Build on messaging with a persona targeted marketing strategy using proven techniques to capture leads that convert.


Develop the look-and-feel that matches your company culture, including logo, colors, iconography, fonts, etc.


Ensure the most visible part of your company represents the value you deliver - with the right message and the right look.


Execute your marketing strategy with content directly targeting your key personas including videos, whitepapers, blogs, datasheets, etc.

Sales Enablement

Arm your sales team with the tools and knowledge they need to engage and close prospects, including emails, scripts, powerpoints, etc.

Analyst Relations

Work with leading independent analyst firm veterans to ensure you get the most value from every interaction.

Constant Improvement

Ensure revenues and awareness continue to grow with continued monitoring of website, campaigns, and content.

Who we help

We work with the leading innovators in the market. Those engineers that have a unique take on the greatest challenges of our time. They are technical, smart, and brave. Pioneers in their fields. But, they lack the ability to show how amazing their service or product is in their look, feel, and messaging. That’s where we step in.

Our decades of experience across engineering, selling, and marketing highly technical systems, gives us the edge when it comes to making an impact

Who we DON’T help

If you aren’t in the tech industry, we aren’t a good fit. We love drinking beverages and eating food as much (if not more) than the next person, but marketing or selling those things – not so much.

How to Reach Us

Want help disrupting the market? Schedule a chat with us below, or use the form to drop us a note. We’re excited to hear from you!